casual sexism is my grandma forcing me to wear makeup so I don’t ‘look like I’m a slob’

Casual sexism is turning the focus from a woman’s anger about men leaving unwelcome, sexist comments in women’s social media accounts into a debate about the importance of “freedom of speech”.

Casual ableism is my family members telling me that I’m using my anxiety disorder as a crutch and an excuse to not do my school work.

Casual racism, sexism—ALL OF THE ABOVE

This blog to which I have provided a link is full of the casual ignorance and hate that perpetuates a discriminatory society. It makes me sick that there are still people like this in the world, disgusting, living artifacts of a way that many people used to think, and some still do. But don’t take my word for it—see for yourself.

I saw your post on the why it’s weird that Middle Eastern people are IDed as white and I was taught because legislation says they are, which basically show how flawed the concept of “whiteness” is. 

dancing-mountain said: Hello, I just read the ask about the person from Iran who has to fill out "white" on college applications, and I'm simply blown away. I'm not american so I don't know anything about how college works over there, but why on earth would you need to specify your ethnicity on a college application ? It just makes no sense to me at all. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm really clueless on the subject.

colleges give scholarships to people of color and also students from low income families because rich white kids are pretty much the only people who can afford to go to college and can afford the quality of education that gets one through college. colleges want rich white kids who pay full tuition and whose families donate a lot of money but to avoid lawsuits they look for a few applicants of color to let in. more recent applications have tried to include middle eastern peoples and they are usually listed as white even though that makes no sense because most of the middle east is brown skinned.

artistofthebeautiful said: i'm part of the 1st generation in my family to be born in the US- my parents are from iran. recently, when I fill out college/scholarship applications, im forced to check off the box for "white". this feels offensive on two levels- 1, white doesn't mean caucasian, which I am. 2, I have never felt "white", nor have i been treated as such in school, on the street, but i also can't relate to the torment some POC have experienced. is my frustration unwarranted? are middle easterners considered POC?

POC isn’t an ethnicity or race it’s a political term of solidarity. Caucasian is an outdated term. White refers to people of primarily western european descent. And in the United States someone from Iran would not qualify as white due to outdated supreme court rulings and designate which ethnicities look white enough to qualify. claiming the term poc means claiming a history of colonialsm, imperialism and institutional violence especially at the hands of the US capitalist,regime. claiming the term means claiming a similar lived experience as other marginalized people.

"but the CELTS wore dreadlocks/tattoos/body mods!!!11!!1"


first off, note-a-bear has a great post on how those dreadlocks that the Celts were supposedly wearing actually weren’t dreadlocks as we define them today. that’s when shit like historical context and knowing of what the fuck you speak come into play.

but here’s the thing. the Celts were a really long fucking time ago. and it was one ethnic group amongst MANY of ancient Europe. now, i don’t do Ancient European Shit so i’ll leave it to someone who does to be a bit more detailed but at the end of the day, if you as a descendent of Europeans (i.e. if you as a WHITE PERSON) can only name ONE. ethnic group. that you are more than likely not directly descended from? that invalidates your argument that dreads/tats/body mod was a European “thing.” Just because ONE group of Europeans at one point did it, *does not make it a part of the culture*.

conversely, how many ethnic groups in Africa practice scarring, or piercing, or tattooing, or wear dreadlocks? How many indigenous groups in the Americas? In the Pacific Islands? hint: WAY more than just ONE. a SHIT ton. *more than* europeans ever did.

thusly, dreads/tatts/mods is NOT a european cultural tradition. it’s just not. repeatedly referencing the exception to the rule does not make the exception the rule. it just makes you an supremacist, appropriating jackass.

like, if dreads/tats/body mods really was a European thing, wouldn’t we have seen MORE of that shit? like, wouldn’t maybe early modern Europeans *at the least* still be into it? but no. you don’t see dreads/tats in Renaissance artwork, you don’t see it being worn by King Henry or some shit, you don’t see any baroque-era symphonies with “tattoo” in the title or some shit………like, throughout the cultural products that modern europe has put forth since rome fell, dreads/tatts/mods are nowhere to be found, and that would be the place that they would be found.

but you know when europeans did start writing about tatts? when they starting going to places where brown and black people lived. and there’s a long history behind tattoos and colonization specifically that i’m not going to rehash here, but what do you think made tattoos taboo in western society to *begin* with? it was the fact that the only people who got tattoos were those savage, bestial, filthy natives and the heathen sailors who steered the ships to and fro. racism + classism. plus empire, because colonization was the reason why there were white folks in them brown folks house to begin with!

i mean, what cultural European tradition has been taboo in the west? the ballet? the english language? straight hair? like, think about it. if this really was a european heritage, do you really think it would have been as marginalized in western society as it has been?

i always think about Woodstock. like, if white folks were ever going to support dreadlocks en masse, *that* would be the time you’d see it. but you don’t. at. all.

you know when you do see white ppl starting to rock dreads, tho? after Bob Marley became an international mega superstar. but it’s not appropriation. right.

seriously, if you can find me a picture of a group of white people (from either the U.S. or Europe) wearing dreadlocks *before 1965ish*, and they *weren’t* consciously setting themselves off from the mainstream in some way (i.e. a religious cult or something) but wearing them as a cultural expression of their own culture, you win. you win everything, actually. because i’m pretty sure you’re not going to find it.

but don’t worry. i’ll wait.

ETA: i guess maybe the vikings had “dreads” too? even still, two(ish) ethnic groups a continental/racial tradition do not make. see: the rest of my post.




the struggle of being a woman of color in the media



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