goldenheartedrose said: I am not going to speak to that, because this is not MY experience. There are some posts around Tumblr regarding this issue, though, of people who ARE adoptees into white families. Transethnic IS a legitimate thing that POC adoptees call themselves. Shitty white people saying "I'm realllly just *insert ethnicity and horrible stereotypes here*" is coopting the term and appropriating.

My thing is, POC who is not white and doesn’t pass as white shouldn’t really classify themselves as white, it’s pointless.  Why?  You won’t be treated like it, you won’t be given those same privileges your white parents are if you were adopted.  If you are lighter skinned you have those privileges sure, but you still wouldn’t be white.  It’s just the reality of how it works in America.

Or even if it’s say an Asian person identifying as a black person for example… why?  Do you realize that they could easily as some point say, “Yeah I don’t want to be black anymore,” I can’t fucking do that shit.  This race as a social construct argument is just irrelevant to how the world works.  Certain features are privileged, as well as certain skin tones, hair textures, etc.  So race affects us, and saying your one race over the other just seems pointless.


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