Casual racism is a tv show documenting life in prison. The show will show prisoners of different races, but will only show the PoC as some sort of psychotic person that deserves to be there. Then they’ll show a white man that is in prison for cold-blooded murder, but they show that he likes to draw, so he “might not be so bad.”

Casual homophobia is the same tv show documenting gangs in the prison, and they show a “gang” of homosexual men there. Instead of treating this “gang” with the same merit as the other gangs they document, they treat the homosexual “gang” as a joke.

(I use quotes when referring to the “gang” of homosexual men in prison because the men in the “gang” have stated on camera that they really aren’t a gang, they’re just homosexual men in the prison coming together and treating each other like human beings and loving each other.)

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